TAHIA CAMBET - Professeur d'école de danse Tahitienne.

portrait of Tahia Cambet

What I most love about teaching dance is meeting so many different people of all ages and origins, the bonds of friendship that are created around our shared passion.  Through my dance classes I see my pupils’ progress, flourish and develop over time.  Each lesson is an intense moment of sharing, laughing and complicity.  Ori Tahiti is my whole life, my heritage and my future.

Gold medal
from the Tahitian Conservatory

Tahia started Tahitian dance at the tender age of 3, she then entered the Tahitian Artistic Conservatory at the age of 7. It was there that she learnt all the traditional dance techniques and left 10 years later holder of the “Diploma of Traditional Studies” (DET) and former gold medallist of the Conservatory.

Fabien Dinard, Director of the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia, considers that “Tahia Cambet undoubtedly has a solid technical knowledge and the pedagogical talent necessary for the teaching of the traditional Polynesian dance Ori Tahiti to all age groups be it children, adolescents or adults.” She adapts these qualities, within the prestigious “Grands Ballets de Tahiti”, in her own creative and original style.

Ecole de danse tahitienne à Paris avec Tahia Cambet

Generosity and sharing

It’s within the movement of the Grands Ballets which allow a certain freedom and those of the more traditional conservatory that Tahia positions herself in order to express and transmit her passion. 

It is this pleasure that she applies in each of her classes in Paris, thus creating a supportive community bound by a common passion for Ori Tahiti. All levels and ages are welcome to come and discover this wonderful culture.

Connect through Ori Tahiti

This method of teaching based on exchange and communication is a true source of creativity for Tahia.  This inspiration can be seen in each and every activity of the O Tahiti Nui troupe
Led by Tahia, this dance troupe is distinguished by her unique vision of Ori Tahiti which combines authenticity and modernity with her own choreography; true instruments of communication.

The World Championships

O Tahiti Nui recently embarked on a series of international competitions with great success, winning the 2015 Tahitian category of the European dance contest “Mehura”. In 2016 the troupe won the title for best “Mehura” for the second time, won first place in both the group and individual “Otea” categories as well as in the “Aparima” solo category.

During their last trip to Tahiti, O Tahiti Nui was crowned best troupe in the 2016 “Ori Tahiti Nui Mehura” competition. 

In the same year, Tahia won the title of best “Aparima” dancer in the European championship and became the vice-world champion in Tahiti for both “Otea” and “Aparima” improvisations.

In 2017, Tahia retained the title of best “aparima” dancer and added to her record the title of best “otea”dancer of Heiva I Paris. 
Accompanied by Moanatea Punu, the “Tane” winner, Tahia performed a duet for the fist time, winning 1st prize.