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For Tahia, Tahitian dance is a powerfully living art form that just has to be shared.  Owner of a dance school that has more than 300 pupils, today she wants to share her skills, her passion and her personal vision of Ori Tahiti with all of you. Tahia has developed her ability to communicate and share her expertise throughout a long career combining excellence and generosity. 
In 2016, she participated in her first competition and won the title of best “aparima’ dancer from the Heiva I Paris. In the same year, during the world championships in Tahiti, she won the silver medal for “otea” and “aparima” freestyle dance.

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Tahitian Dance Classes

Whether you are, in the Paris region or elsewhere in the world, learn Tahitian dance and train all year round!

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Learn Ori Tahiti

Tahitian dance is so good for you! It is fast becoming a popular sport all over the world particularly in Japan, Mexico, the USA, Spain and France.
Above and beyond its technical and sporting aspects, Tahiti Ori is also a way of discovering Polynesian values and beliefs: generosity, tolerance, sharing and a real zest for life. Dancing is also a way to express our emotions allowing us to reveal and assert ourselves.

This dance is the tangible heritage of Tahiti and its’ islands and has been making a slow but sure comeback since the 1950’s.  The specific dance steps have now been classified and Ori Tahiti is now officially recognised by the Tahitian Conservatory alongside other traditional dances.

However, it is without this official recognition that Tahitian dance has survived the centuries. This is a feature that makes Ori Tahiti an art form which, in essence, is intensely moving and dynamic. The work developed by Tahia aspires to contribute to the evolution of Tahitian dance. It is, for her, a quest for a balance between the traditions perpetuated by the Tahiti Conservatory and creativity. It is a vision that allows the development of the imagination and the expression of the personality of each and every one of us.

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